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Local News and CEUs: MD Department of Health Invites Comments on State Plans....

 The Maryland Department of Health Invites Comments on the Proposed Changes to the way certain state plan participants and families obtain and manage their services.

The Community First Choice Program and Community Personal Assistance Services are Medicaid state plan services for people who need assistance with activities of daily living (ADLS) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLS).  The programs provide assistance with activities of daily living to qualifying Medicaid recipients who have a chronic illness, medical condition or disability which includes individuals living with a brain injury. These services are intended help people get the supports that they need to stay in the community in their own homes instead of living in an institution or transitioning individuals from institutions back to the their own homes in the community. The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) has proposed a processing for implementing a self-directed service option to its CPAS and CFC services. 

The traditional model of services managed through a provider agency will still be available. Participants can choose move from self directed services to traditional by contacting their Supports Planner to submit a change to their service plan. Additionally, MDH is proposing to change the management of transition service funds to be changed from individual supports planning agencies to one fiscal management services (FMS) vendor for the entire state.  The FMS vendor will also be responsible for training participants in becoming an employer and rights and responsibilities of self direction. This change was made because the supports planning agencies lacked capacity to continue to administer transition service funds.

For people with brain injury and their caregivers, it is important to note that the proposed self directed services model does not change the rule that prohibits legally liable relatives from becoming the personal assistance providers for their family member. However, the new model does allow the participant to designate someone else to direct their services under the self directed service model. Generally, the addition of the self directed models allow participants and families additional options for how to obtain and manage their services.

The public has the opportunity to comment on the proposed changes found HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Send your comments [email protected].   Links are imbedded above that link to federal or state definitions used to define the terms for purposes of the CFC and CPAS programs.


Maryland Governor Signs a Federal All-Payer Health Contract:

  • This contract Gov. Larry Hogan signed should creat incentives to improve care while saving money.

For the full article click this link: Maryland Governor Signs Federal All-Payer Health Contract


Maryland State Retirees: 2019 Retiree Prescription Drug Coverage is Changing

  • Medicare-Eligible Retirees Prescription Drug Coverage is ending December 31,2018.
  • Retirees will have to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan in the Open season of October 15th- December 7th or they will NOT have prescription drug coverage.

For the Full Story and more information click this link:

If your patients need help or more information here is a link for how Medicare Part D works:


Members only: FREE CEUs

Highlighting FREE(Members only) CEUs on > Educational Resource Library > Courses >  Ethics(CCM approved Ethics Hrs)> Title: The Ethics Transformation

Online Course by Kathy Fraser

Course Objectives:

  • Become familiar with the Ethical issues, challenges, and opportunities faced as Managed Care Professionals.
  • Recognize ethical red flags that occur when there is more than one stakeholder or point of view.
  • Apply your acquired knowledge to develop a solution for specific situations.
  • Be more confident in your decision making capabilities concerning Ethical situations.


***This is only ONE of OVER 100 Free CEUs on our National Website***

This PDF is more information on Nationals Education Library: 2018 Education Library Resource